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Abilify Settlement Totals $19.5 Million

After allegations by multiple states that Bristol-Myers Squibb engaged in deceptive marketing practices regarding their drug Abilify, the company has agreed to settle claims to a total of $19.5 million. Forty-one states and the District of Columbia have brought charges against the pharmaceutical giant, stating... Read More

Perilous Ice Storm Takeoff at JFK

After taking a cheap room at 1am in Jamaica Queens, the goal was to be on the first plane out before the big snow hit JFK. Unfortunately, the big snow had other ideas. At 6:30am, the Jet Blue flight crew quickly ushered everyone onto flight... Read More

Women Speak Out about Essure Birth Control Problems

doctor counseling woman
Angie Derry and Rachel Long are among the ranks of young women who’ve experienced debilitating complications with the Essure birth control device – a tiny spring coil placed inside the fallopian tubes. Both women were sold on the purported benefits of this miracle contraception –... Read More