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Laura Woods

Laura Woods is committed to patient safety issues. She enjoys breaking news about FDA recalls, sharing important events in pharmaceutical litigation, and reporting on favorable outcomes for victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices.

New Study Suggests Morcellation Should Not Be Banned

The electric morcellation of uterine fibroids may result in intraperitoneal dissemination of occult leiomyosarcomas, which can worsen an already poor prognosis, according to recent analysis Prevalence of Unexpected Leiomyosarcoma at Myomectomy: A Descriptive Study. However, the researchers note that the use of morcellation may not... Read More

Labor Induction May Lower Chances of Shoulder Dystocia

Babies born with fetal macrosomia and large for gestational age status have an increased risk of experiencing neonatal complications, such as shoulder dystocia and emergency cesarean section. Prophylactic cesarean delivery and inducing labor prematurely have both been widely thought to prevent complications in delivery and... Read More

Researchers Say Diabetic Ketoacidosis is Preventable

Federal health regulators have recently raised concerns about diabetic ketoacidosis, a possible side effect of Invokana and other SGLT2 inhibitors. Researchers suggest that ensuring doctors are very clearly informed of the risk may help identify most cases and avert severe harm. The medical journal Diabetes... Read More