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Propecia Sexual Side Effects Sparks Illinois Lawsuit

Propecia, or finasteride in its generic form, first received FDA approval in 1997 for the treatment of male pattern baldness and was soon marketed as the next generation in hair loss treatments. It was the first medication of its kind to be available in pill form.

Consumers Warned of Propecia Sexual Side Effects

When Propecia first hit the market, its label included a warning concerning a low risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). However, subsequent studies revealed that side effects might not only be more common than originally thought, but also more of a lasting nature.

In June 2011, the FDA required that the makers update the Propecia warning label to reflect the opinion of certain medical experts both in the US and abroad: that erectile dysfunction from Propecia may continue beyond treatment.

In addition to erectile dysfunction, risk factors include other sexual side effects such as decreased sex drive, male breast enlargement, diminished ejaculate, and testicular pain.

Propecia Lawsuit Filed in Ilinois

As more news develops and awareness about sexual side effects from taking Propecia is raised, several individuals have recently filed legal claims against Merck.

One such case is that of Vincent Menella, age 45, and and his wife, who is named as co-plaintiff in that lawsuit. In or around 2008, Menella’s doctor prescribed Menalla Propecia for the treatment of his male pattern baldness. The co-plaintiffs state that before treatment, Menella had never before suffered from erectile dysfunction.  Yet ever since, he has suffered Propecia erectile dysfunction as well as cognitive impairment. Though Menella no longer takes the medication, he alleges that his Propecia sexual side effects persist.

In their cases against Merck, plaintiffs charge the pharmaceutical company with negligence and fraud. They allege that Merck had sufficient knowledge of Propecia’s sexual side effects, but did not adequately inform consumers of the drug’s potential side effects. Click here for more on this subject.

Motion to consolidate cases in Propecia MDL

In response to the growing number of individuals who have joined Propecia litigation, a motion was filed to consolidate cases like Menella’s into multidistrict litigation.  The injury lawyer for Christopher Masefield requested that Propecia sexual side effects lawsuits filed in federal court be transferred to the Eastern District of New York, or in the alternative, the Western District of Washington.

Litigants are still awaiting the outcome of that decision.

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