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Benicar Lawsuits May be Headed to Federal Coordination

As Benicar lawsuits continue to be filed nationwide, one plaintiff has brought a motion to coordinate federal cases involving Benicar side effects into a central court location. This coordination, known as multidistrict litigation or an MDL, would centralize proceedings under a single federal judge for the... Read More

New Research Highlights Benicar Abdominal Pain

New research suggests that Benicar abdominal pain may be strictly related to the drug ─ not a side effect present in all angiotensin receptor blockers. Many patients have suffered serious Benicar side effects, including sprue-like enteropathy, which can cause chronic diarrhea and severe abdominal pain.... Read More

Benicar and Sprue-Like Enteropathy Linked

Benicar and sprue-like enteropathy have recently been linked, which has caused alarm for patients using the drug. Olmesartan ─ known as Benicar in the U.S. ─ is a prescription medication used to lower high blood pressure. A recent case study highlights the potential dangers of... Read More

Colon Perforation Reported Among Benicar Side Effects

Researchers have known about the celiac disease-mimicking Benicar side effects for some time now but a new report highlights an extreme case. Earlier this year, the medical journal Gastrointestinal Medicine reported a case study of a 52-year-old woman suffering from sprue-like enteropathy – a severe gastrointestinal... Read More

FDA Weighs in on Benicar Heart Risks

The popular blood pressure medication known as Benicar has been the subject of several FDA reviews and clinical studies, as scientists attempt to discern the drug’s inherent risks. Manufactured by Daiichi Sanyo, Benicar (olmesartan medoxomil) was FDA approved more than 12 years ago as one... Read More

New Research on Benicar GI Complications

New research presented before the Digestive Disease Week convention suggests that Benicar users are at an increased risk for serious gastrointestinal problems after two years exposure to the blood pressure drug. The recent study on Benicar side effects, which has yet to be published online,... Read More

Study Raises Concerns About Benicar Risks

Researchers from Taiwan recently released a study in the medical journal Cardiovascular Diabetology that warns patients of the potential for serious Benicar side effects. The researchers evaluated information from approximately half a million patients from January 2004 to December 2009. The patients all used angiotensin... Read More