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Injury Lawyer News is not for lawyers, it’s for consumers.

Injury Lawyer News is dedicated to bringing consumers the latest news and information on personal injury lawsuits involving dangerous drugs, defective products and other lawsuits impacting the safety and well-being of consumers in the US.

We do our best to keep you informed of what’s happening in the world of personal injury, which companies are involved in lawsuits, which law firms are handling the cases, what settlements are being reached, and how this is impacting the consumer.

Thousands of lawsuits are brought to the courts every month.  Injury Lawyer News will be reporting on the latest events and most up-to-the minute developments as they occur.  Check in often and we’ll keep you informed.

We believe that people should be informed about dangerous products, serious side effects and breaking news on what’s happening behind the scenes as lawsuits are initiated and adjudicated through the court system.

If there are topics that you would like to know more about, feel free to send us an email and we’ll do our best to help add those subjects to our news schedule.



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Breaking News

Injury Lawyer News will keep you informed of breaking news and FDA warnings as they are announced. Visit us to find out about news as it happens.

Legal Options

Find out what legal options you have when you or a loved one is the victim of drug side effects or medical device complications.

Recall Information

Injury Lawyer News reports on FDA warnings about dangerous drugs and medical devices that affect consumers.

Health Information

Injury Lawyer News keeps you informed of serious side effects and medical complications associated with failed devices and recalled drugs.


Find out which drugs and medical devices are the subject of lawsuits. We'll keep you informed of lawsuits as they happen, and which drugs or medical devices are affected.

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Injury Lawyer News can help you find legal advice if you have questions or have been injured and get information when you need it.



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Editorial Staff

Sarah Klein

Senior Managing Editor

Sarah Klein is the original managing editor at Injury Lawyer News and leader of the writing staff since the site's inception and launch. A committed advocate of consumer rights and staunch supporter of patient safety issues, she hopes to shed light on the consequences dealt by the pharmaceutical industry and endured by its victims.

Ryan Green

Senior Editor

Ryan Green, as Senior Editor for Injury Lawyer News monitors the national news cycle and all developments within mass tort and pharmaceutical litigation to ensure readers have the most up to date information about these wide ranging topics in one place. A longtime professional writer and editor,he hopes to reach all those who have been touched by these important issues and inspire them to act.

Ava Lawson

Senior Writer

Leading contributor and editor Ava Lawson has been taking on the pharmaceutical industry for several years in her work with Injury Lawyer News. A Political Science major from Furman University, Ava has traveled the world and has also written extensively on tourism and foreign culture. She is committed to public welfare and especially, consumer safety.

Jenn Fusion


Jenn Fusion has been writing professionally for over ten years in both creative and journalistic capacities. She is particularly interested in consumer and patient safety with regard to women's issues and written extensively on the litigation surrounding female contraception, robotic surgery, hip and knee replacement surgeries, and more.

Sarah May


Sarah May is a seasoned litigator and legal writer for Injury Lawyer News. As an advocate for consumer rights, she is eager to share her real-world experience in the courtroom with a national audience. She especially enjoys reporting on breaking developments in mass tort litigation as well as guiding readers through critical aspects of the trial process.