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Merck Website’s Propecia Side Effects Warnings Unchanged

Propecia Label 500x500Patients seeking information about male pattern baldness drug Propecia who consulted the medication’s website, run by drug maker Merck, were surprised on February 8, 2012, when the company shut down the website with no warning or explanation. The website was later restored, but with no apparent changes to warnings regarding Propecia sexual side effects, which have lately been the subject of increasing controversy.

It was thought that the website’s downtime meant that the drug maker was revising information surrounding Propecia sexual side effects, but the warnings remained unchanged, according to reports.

Propecia lawsuits bringing Propecia side effects to light

Current side effects warnings include information about Propecia erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, reduced libido, and decreased sperm count, among other sexual side effects, but imply that they are rare and will not last long.

However, more and more medical evidence is suggesting that Propecia sexual side effects could last long after a patient stops taking the medication, and could even, in some cases, be permanent.

More and more men are filing Propecia sexual side effects lawsuits after they experience debilitating sexual side effects as a result of the medication, which can be detrimental to the self-esteem of a patient and can have a negative impact on their personal relationships, psyche, and even their personality.

A number of men have consulted a Propecia lawyer in order to examine the legal actions they could take against drug maker Merck.

New Jersey Propecia litigation information

Forty-one plaintiffs who chose to file a Propecia lawsuit have had their cases brought to a New Jersey court, which is where Merck’s corporate offices are located. The New Jersey Supreme Court issued a Notice to the Bar on the 16th of March, 2012, advising each plaintiff’s Propecia attorney that the Supreme Court decided not to designate a mass tort associated with the litigation in New Jersey state courts. Instead, these Propecia lawsuit actions will be managed centrally through Middlesex County Superior Court.

Presiding over these cases will be Judge Jessica R. Meyer. Pretrial proceedings will take place in this court, and cases may then be sent back to the courts from which they came. This action does not completely rule out the possibility of a mass tort, however.

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