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FDA Set to Review Zimmer and Other Hip Implants

The Food and Drug Administration announced in March of 2012 that they would be convening a board of medical experts in order to review the effectiveness and potential danger of metal on metal hip replacement systems such as those manufactured by Zimmer. This comes after thousands of patients have registered reports of Zimmer hip complications with the Food and Drug Administration. The meeting of this panel, depending on the results reported, will directly affect Zimmer hip litigation in courts across the country.

Zimmer hip replacement problems cited in lawsuits

A number of patients who have experienced complications from Zimmer hip surgery have chosen to contact a Zimmer hip attorney and file a lawsuit, hoping to win compensation from the device maker that would help cover injuries such as metallosis and premature loosening as associated with the Zimmer knee replacement system. Metallosis is a kind of metal poisoning that occurs with a metal on metal hip replacement system, characterized by the flaking off of metal particles that can inflame tissues and get into the bloodstream of a patient. Both metallosis and premature loosening of the implant can result in a need for Zimmer hip revision surgery, which is a costly and complex procedure that could have serious post-surgical complications for a patient.

The FDA’s panel will review device failure rates, patient risk factors, implant complications, the occurrence of metallosis, and other important factors, and they will hear testimony from patients, researchers, scientists, and medical professionals regarding their opinions on the device manufacturers.

Zimmer hip implant recall hasn’t been initiated

Despite the growing number of complaints regarding Zimmer hip replacement systems, as well as the FDA’s May 2011 order to 21 metal-on-metal hip implant manufacturers, including Zimmer, to conduct safety studies on their devices, no Zimmer hip implant recall has been initiated. Some patients believe this could change in the future, however.

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