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Propecia Lawsuits Consolidated in New York

Scales of Justice 327x367A new lawsuit has been added to the ongoing multidistrict litigation case taking place in New York, which currently deals with hundreds of similar lawsuits that have been filed by men seeking settlements after experiencing sexual problems from Propecia. Paul Richmond filed his lawsuit on Ohio with the help of his Propecia attorney, but the case was recently transferred to the New York multidistrict litigation case, where it will go through pretrial proceedings and discovery with similar cases before being remanded back to the court in which it was filed. This multidistrict litigation case is overseen by Judge John Gleeson and the consolidation will help expedite the legal process, making things move much more quickly through the multidistrict litigation cases. Follow this link for help from a Propecia attorney.

Lawsuits continue to gain steam

Several lawsuits have been filed against drug maker Merck with claims that the drug manufacturer failed to adequately warn patients about side effects, including erectile dysfunction and cognitive impairment. Despite the lack of warnings in the United States, Merck decided to warn doctors and patients in other countries about the risk of lasting side effects of the popular hair loss medication, and the Swedish Medical Products Agency determined in 2009 that the drug “could lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.” However, the FDA did not release a similar warning until April of 2012, when it ordered Merck to change its packaging to reflect the potential for lasting sexual side effects associated with the medication.

Compensation sought in lawsuits

Lawsuits like Richmond’s claim that Merck was negligent in that they did not warn patients of sexual side effects associated with the medication even though they were aware of the possibility of such side effects. Richmond claims that he has suffered from lingering and debilitating sexual dysfunction since he discontinued his use of the medication in 2001; his lawsuit claims that Merck flagrantly disregarded persons who may have been harmed by the product in favor of making a profit from the popular male pattern baldness medication. He is seeking compensation for his injuries and medical bills as well as other costs associated with his side effects. Learn more about Propecia side effects.

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