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Dr. Bosley Under Fire for Pushing Propecia

Propecia Bottle 615x375Hair-loss expert Dr. L. Lee Bosley allegedly called the hair loss drug Propecia a “serious health concern” after it was released on the market, but just three years later, his doctors and online stores were all too happy to recommend the product, disappointing a number of patients who ended up experiencing some of the lasting side effects of the medication. The Food and Drug Administration approved the medication in December of 1997 and the drug was quickly advertised as the “first and only pill to treat male pattern hair loss”. It did prove to be effective–data showed that hair count increased during the first year and was maintained in men who took the drug for two years.

Initially, drug maker Merck assured patients that side effects of the medication were rare, claiming that less than 2 percent of men experienced Propecia sexual side effects. However, not all experts were convinced about the safety of the medication, including Dr. Bosley.

Potential Propecia side effects warned of

More and more men are filing suit against drug maker Merck, hoping to hold the manufacturer liable for persistent erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, cognitive impairment, and more sexual side effects and win settlements that could help cover the medical costs of these side effects. Despite the initial warnings Dr. Bosley released, including in a press release he held December 24, 1997 during which he stated that Propecia “has the capability to impair male sexual performance, creating the inability to achieve an erection, decreases libido… the potential… long-term side effects of the drug should be the overriding concerns….” many patients were outraged to know that just three years later Bosley Medical began prescribing the medication, and their online prescription site tells visitors that “for many, taking Propecia is the first step in managing hair loss.” Follow this link for more information on side effects from Propecia.

Patients seeking to take legal action

A number of patients have sought legal action against drug maker Merck, especially after the FDA warned at the end of April 2012 that Propecia must carry heightened warnings of side effects of the medication on its warning label. These patients have enlisted the help of a lawyer to pursue a Propecia lawsuit against the drug maker.

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