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Illinois Mass Tort Actos Litigation Adds an Additional Plaintiff, Suing for the Wrongful Death of her Husband

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, alleging the company’s popular diabetes drug Actos directly contributed to her husband’s wrongful death. The complaint, filed on May 23, 2012, has been added to the ongoing Illinois mass tort dealing with plaintiffs suffering from the side effects of Actos such as bladder cancer, heart failure and other life threatening complications. The mass tort, presided over by Judge Deborah Mary Dooling, includes hundreds of plaintiffs with similar claims relating to Actos side effects.

Lawsuits Make Claims of Actos Heart Problems, Bladder Cancer and other Complications

Marcella Ruble’s Actos attorney filed the lawsuit on behalf of Marcella and her deceased husband, Milan. According to her complaint, Milan was prescribed Actos to treat his diabetes. After an extended period of consistent use, Milan was diagnosed with bladder cancer that caused him persistent and serious pain, emotional suffering and wrongful death. Marcella accuses Takeda of failing to warn Actos users and prescribing doctors of the risk for severe and dangerous side effects from use of the drug, particularly with regard to evidence of the correlation between Actos use and bladder cancer. She is demanding damages of more than $50,000 for injuries suffered by her husband and herself.

Federal MDL Expedites Process of New Case Integration

In addition to the Illinois mass tort, which now includes more than 200 lawsuits against Takeda, there is an ongoing federal multidistrict litigation occurring in the Western District of Louisiana relating to side effects such as Actos heart problems, gallbladder disease and bladder cancer. These conditions can be serious or, in some cases, fatal to patients. A recent ruling in the MDL may expedite the process of joining the MDL, allowing more plaintiffs to pursue their claims related to Actos side effects. Thousands of individual plaintiff lawsuits may better be able to join the MDL and seek justice in concert.


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