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Zoloft Lawsuit Filed in Pennsylvania

A new lawsuit involving birth defects related to the popular and widely-used antidepressant Zoloft has been filed, adding to the multidistrict litigation case taking place in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Kathy Williams, the plaintiff, filed suit after her child was born with a number of birth defects that can be linked to Zoloft. She claims that she was not warned about the side effects associated with the medication, and claims that she was unaware that her use of the medication during her pregnancy could cause such serious birth defects. She is seeking compensation for Zoloft injuries suffered by her child.

Birth defects a life sentence

According to her lawsuit, Williams gave birth to a child suffering from numerous serious birth defects that may require him to undergo ongoing medical treatment for the entirety of his life. She says that drug maker Pfizer knew or should have known about the potential consequences of taking Zoloft during pregnancy, and hid this information from patients who trusted that the drug was safe. A number of studies have shown a definitive link between Zoloft use and birth defects such as persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn, heart defects, cranial defects, and abdominal abnormalities. She claims that Pfizer had access to studies such as these as early as 2002 and did not warn the public about the potential for these birth defects.

Despite mounting evidence linking Zoloft use to side effects, Williams claims that Pfizer marketed Zoloft to pregnant women and downplayed the potential risks associated with the antidepressant medication. She is hoping to win damages from the drug making giant in order to cover medical bills and other costs associated with the injuries her son suffered.

Medical treatment a necessity

Williams’ son was diagnosed with birth defects from Zoloft and as a result will have to endure medical treatment for the rest of his life; he has already required medical treatment from birth. Williams herself claims that she suffered from mental anguish, loss of consortium, and emotional distress due to her son’s condition. She is seeking general, special, and compensatory damages.

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