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Anger at Hair Loss Clinic Pushing Propecia

Antidepressant lawsuitFormer patients of the popular hair loss drug Propecia are reportedly outraged that a prominent chain of hair loss clinics is promoting Propecia despite the dangers that have been linked to the drug. Bosley Medical allegedly promoted the drug even after the founder of the organization, Dr. L. Lee Bosley himself, criticized the medication as a “serious health concern” and denounced the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the medication in 1997. He was quoted in a press release about the drug denouncing the medication and its potential risks but not three years later his chain of clinics began to promote the medication.

Risks downplayed, claim patients

Dr. Bosley was quoted as saying, “The FDA has just approved a drug that has the capability to impair male sexual performance, creating the inability to achieve and erection [and] decrease libido”, in his press conference in 1997. He also implied in this press release that his clinics wouldn’t be using the medication. He claimed that the “results attained during the clinical trials would immediately be dismissed as unacceptable by our standards.”

Allegedly, former Bosley patients are angry because the doctor did not share these concerns with patients when his clinics began to prescribe the medication to their patients about three years later. It isn’t yet clear whether former patients of Dr. Bosley and his staff have chosen to take legal action against the clinics with the help of Propecia lawyers. However, a number of former patients of the medication have chosen to take legal action against the drug maker of Propecia, hoping to gain settlements for Propecia claims that would help cover medical bills and other costs associated with their use of the medication. See information on this subject here.

Permanent side effects ignored, suits say

The size and prominence of Bosley Medical is damning in that the company is in the public eye now that Propecia has become so controversial. Many thousands of patients could have received their prescriptions for the drug from one of the company’s 70 clinics throughout the United States. Erectile dysfunction and other sexual side effects were originally brushed off as temporary but many patients have been experiencing permanent side effects of the medication. Follow this link to contact a Propecia lawyer.

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