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Chantix Report Outlines Side Effects

The side effects of the medication Chantix have been outlined in a report released by the Institute for Safe Medication Practice in its most recent analysis of adverse prescription drug events. These adverse events, which were reported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration through its Adverse Event Reporting System database, have been made available by the FDA to researchers and to the public. Serious side effects are tracked and warned of through this system and the Institute for Safe Medication Practice issues regular reports that highlight trends involving serious, disabling, or fatal injuries that can be linked to prescription drugs and their side effects.

Chantix suicide and skin reactions

The most recent report incorporates data from the last two quarters of 2011. The report includes disturbing information about side effects of Chantix, a popular smoking cessation medication that has proven to be one of the most effective prescription methods of smoking cessation available to patients. Despite its effectiveness, over three hundred patients and medical professionals reported adverse side effects of the medication to the Food and Drug Administration during the reporting period.

The FDA received 187 reports of suicidal or homicidal thoughts from Chantix users in this reporting period, and 58 reports of completed or attempted suicide. Psychological side effects have long been a concern of patients who are using the medication in an attempt to quit smoking. The FDA has required that a “black box” warning be placed on Chantix packaging since 2009.

Drugmaker Pfizer is at the center of a number of lawsuits regarding side effects of Chantix, which is one of its most popular products.

Chantix lawsuits on the rise

Four patients who have chosen to file a Chantix lawsuit related to suicide or suicidal thoughts will see their trials dealt with in the multidistrict litigation case currently underway in the United States’ District Court for the Northern District of Alabama as part of bellwether proceedings. The first trial is scheduled for the 22nd of October, 2012. These trials will set the tone for future Chantix-related litigation.

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