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Peyronie’s Disease Added to Side Effects of Propecia

Propecia sexual side effects lawsuitDebilitating frustration and embarrassment plague the sufferers of sexual problems from Propecia, which include male breast enlargement, reduced ejaculate, and erectile dysfunction resulting from Propecia. Those who have chosen to file a Propecia lawsuit allege that manufacturer Merck failed to warn consumers that the hair loss medication could cause a range of sexual side effects, some of which persist long after a patient has discontinued use of the drug.

Chinese study adds penile shrinkage to list of sexual problems from Propecia

There is a wide range of reported sexual problems from Propecia – and several studies to back up these claims. A recent Chinese study, for example, purports that the finasteride, or Propecia, causes penile shrinkage in rats. Penile shrinkage is one side effect already observed by U.S. doctors, as patients have reported it as one side effect experienced over years of Propecia use. The drug may also be associated with Peyronie’s disease, also known as penile fibrosis. This disorder affects the connective tissues in a man’s penis, causing a fibrous plaque to grow on the soft tissue. As a result, men may experience disfigurement and painful curvature of the penis that makes sexual intercourse difficult if not impossible.

Cognitive impairment another alleged side effects

Some men contend that cognitive impairment should be added to the list of known side effects of Propecia. They allege that Merck negligently failed to warn the public of the drug’s risks, including a clinical diagnosis of cognitive impairment that encompasses memory loss, depression, anxiety, speech and communication problems, and panic attacks. Cognitive impairment is also a sign of Alzheimer’s and related illnesses, which can lead to significant lifestyle changes and patient suffering.

Affected patients file a Propecia lawsuit

Men experiencing cognitive impairment or sexual problems may be entitled to file a Propecia lawsuit, to seek financial compensation for the physical and psychological damages, as well as their accompanying medical bills, associated with the drug. On April 12, 2012, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Ligitation ruled to consolidate federal Propecia lawsuits into MDL.

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