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Similar Bleeding Rates of Pradaxa and Warfarin

A study has found that the medications Pradaxa and Warfarin have similar bleeding rates after surgery takes place. The American Heart Association published the study in its journal, Circulation, and the information took into account the RE-LY study the FDA used to approve the medication back in 2010. Both medications are anticoagulant drugs and there is an expectation that anticoagulants have similar rates of bleeding during and after surgery. However, the time period in which patients may stop taking Pradaxa in order to help prevent such bleeding is shorter than it is for Warfarin.

A number of patients have filed Pradaxa lawsuits after experiencing side effects, such as excessive bleeding, associated with the medication. However, the bleeding rate of Pradaxa patients and that of Warfarin patients was similar after these patients underwent atrial fibrillation surgery, as was the risk of stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular death, and pulmonary embolism.

Bleeding deaths linked to Pradaxa

Pradaxa has been hailed as a superior form of anticoagulant due to its ease of use, which rivals that of other medications in that it requires significantly less medical monitoring. However, by late 2011, reports showed that the medication had been linked to at least 50 bleeding-related deaths, as well as numerous other bleeding problems. There were more Pradaxa-related adverse events, in fact, than there were adverse events for any other drug currently on the market.

Warning noted in earlier report

An earlier report that had been issued in 2012 offered a warning regarding potential side effects of Pradaxa, suggesting the medication put patients at a “significantly higher risk” of heart attack and other potentially fatal issues than other anticoagulant drugs. Some patients and experts have even called for a recall of the medication Pradaxa, but at this time one is not scheduled to take place. More and more patients continue to come forward with reports of internal bleeding and other complications associated with Pradaxa, and more lawsuits are likely to be filed in the future.


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