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A New Propecia Side Effects Study Shows An Increased Incidence of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Propecia, a prescription medication used to treat male pattern baldness in men, has been shown to cause sexual side effects from Propecia such as erectile dysfunction, decrease in libido, decrease in arousal, genital shrinkage, problems with orgasm, and other related issues affecting sexual health. Several lawsuits seeking compensation for Propecia claims have been filed against the manufacturer of Propecia, Merck, by plaintiffs who alleged that it impacted their sexual well-being.

A study shows high rates of sexual and suicidal thoughts after using Propecia

A new study shows that men suffering from sexual dysfunction after using Propecia also have an increased incidence of depression and risk of suicidal thoughts.

According to a report published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry by Dr. Michael Irwig, study participants who experienced sexual side effects after using the anti-baldness drug Propecia for at least three months showed a 75% higher chance of suffering from depression, with 44% reporting thoughts of suicide. The researchers suggested that further studies on the matter were warranted.

This new study may impact additional cases filed against Merck, as plaintiffs continue to file lawsuits alleging the drug may be responsible for the suicides of some users. Click here for help from our lead Propecia attorney.

This study follows another by Irwig, which suggests that side effects resulting from Propecia may continue for months and even years after ceasing use of the medication. Some unwanted side effects could prove to be permanent for some users. Results of that study were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine earlier this year.

The FDA announces changes to Propecia’s warning label

Many men took Propecia because they and their prescribing doctors believed that the risk of sexual side effects was low, and that even if symptoms like erectile dysfunction or low libido presented themselves, they would disappear once ingestion of the drug was discontinued. However, many men who went on to file litigation against Merck report that side effects may last months or even years after use of the drug ceases, and may even be a permanent lifelong condition.

Earlier this year, the FDA announced changes to Propecia’s warning label to include multiple forms of sexual dysfunction among the risks. This development came years after similar changes had been made to the warning labels on the drug in select European territories, based on prior studies.

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