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GranuFlo Has Been Linked to Heart Attack

One of the most serious side effects of the dialysis product GranuFlo is the possibility of heart attack. The product, which is a powder form of Naturalyte Acid Concentrate, was commonly used until late June of 2012, at which point it was recalled after an investigation conducted by the Food and Drug Administration. Naturalyte and Granufo were recently part of a Food and Drug Administration Class I recall due to an increased link in cardiac arrest in patients who were administered these medications. The drug is manufactured by Fresnius, whose clinics serve about a third of the nation’s kidney dialysis patients.

Possible side effects

Adverse side effects from using GranuFlo can include cardiovascular problems, dialysis injury, and cardiac arrest, conditions that are very serious and which can, in some cases, even be fatal. The medication can help kidney failure patients during the process of dialysis by converting into bicarbonate, which helps clean the bloodstream of a patient in a way that the kidneys would otherwise be able to do. However, the Food and Drug Administration’s investigation showed that doctors were administering the drug at too high a level for healthy human consumption, which increased patients’ risk of heart attack. As a result, the FDA issued a recall, which noted that the use of GranuFlo could result in death or other serious long-term complications.

GranuFlo side effects have symptoms that are serious enough that if they are not treated immediately they may result in a fatality. The Food and Drug Administration’s recall has generated interest in the legal rights of patients, and many are questioning whether or not litigation is a valid option.

Lawsuits possible in GranuFlo cases

GranuFlo settlement is a possibility for patients who have been affected by some of the serious side effects associated with the medication. These patients should contact a personal injury lawyer in order to file suit against drug maker Fresenius, which could result in settlement money that can help cover medical bills and other costs.

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