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Propecia Sexual Dysfunction and Cognitive Impairment In Lawsuit

Propecia Bottle 615x375A new lawsuit has been filed against Propecia drug maker Merck along with related parties by a plaintiff who claims that his use of the hair loss drug caused him severe sexual side effects. The lawsuit was filed on the 9th of August, 2012, in the United States’ District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and joins a number of other consolidated lawsuits that have been filed by patients who have been affected by Propecia erectile dysfunction and other side effects including cognitive impairment, depression, and a number of different kinds of sexual dysfunction. The plaintiff in this newest lawsuit is making claims of negligence and product liability, among others.

Lawsuit indicates failure to warn

The lawsuit indicates that the plaintiff began taking Propecia at the age of 34 to prevent hair loss, in accordance with instructions from his doctor. However, he claims that he began to experience severe sexual dysfunction and cognitive impairment, symptoms of which he still experiences to this day. The lawsuit claims that, as a result, the plaintiff’s quality of life has been severely diminished.

Although originally drug maker Merck did warn of Propecia-related sexual side effects on the drug’s packaging, they initially indicated that the side effects would, in most cases, be temporary. Merck also allegedly claimed that such complications would be much rarer than they actually are. Because male pattern baldness affects up to 30 percent of men by the age of 30, thousands of patients have been prescribed Propecia, and have experienced lasting sexual side effects that do not go away over time. These patients may be the ones seeking a Propecia settlement by filing suit. Find more information about Propecia settlements.

Unclear cause of Propecia side effects

Although the exact cause of these side effects remains unclear, doctors believe that it is because it decreases the rate at which a man’s body converts the hormone Testosterone into a substance known as DHT. DHT is theorized to cause hair loss. In addition, the medication may interfere with a patient’s testosterone levels, which can cause side effects similar to the ones experienced by the plaintiff. Click here for more on this subject.

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