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Study Shows Propecia Side Effects Could be Lasting

Biomet hip lawsuitA recent study dealing with side effects of the hair loss drug Propecia has shown that men who suffer from sexual side effects associated with the use of the medication might experience these side effects for years, even after they discontinue their use of the medication. Initially, the manufacturers of Propecia claimed that any side effects would disappear after the patient discontinued his use of the medication. However, many men were finding that this was not the case as they continued to experience side effects long after they discontinued their use of the medication. This study might support them as it seems to prove that these side effects can last beyond what would reasonably be expected, and patients who are becoming involved in Propecia litigation may be able to use this study as evidence in a lawsuit.

Study proves anecdotal evidence

The study, which was conducted by Michael S. Irwig, MD, of George Washington University, was published online by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The same researcher published another study last year that discovered that side effects of the drug lasted, on average, about 40 months after patients discontinued their use of the medication. This 2011 study also found that drug maker Merck had underestimated or underreported the rate of side effects associated with Propecia, and that side effects of the medication were much more common than was originally asserted.

The new study, which looks at 54 test subjects who had already reported side effects of the drug, to determine whether these side effects would continue. Almost all of the subjects continued to experience side effects for a number of months after discontinuing their use of the medication. The length of time they took the medication didn’t seem to have an impact on how long the side effects lasted.

Patients weren’t warned properly

The study is likely to fuel the lawsuits of a number of patients who have experienced side effects after Propecia use, which can have a serious impact on a patient’s life and relationships as well as his self esteem. More lawsuits are likely to be filed as information continues to surface about side effects of the popular hair loss drug.

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