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A New Actos Lawsuit Alleging It Caused the Plaintiff’s Bladder Cancer is Filed in Illinois

In one of the latest Actos lawsuits, Lloyd White filed against Actos on August 31, 2012, in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. White began taking Actos in 2008 for maintenance of his type II diabetes. White claims he was unaware that using the drug for a year or longer significantly increased the risk of bladder cancer. White was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November, 2010 and continued taking the drug after his diagnosis.

This continued until June, 2011, when White became aware of the link between the drug and the disease.

Takeda accused of failing to inform patients of the risks of Actos

White claims that the manufacturer of Actos, Takeda, failed to inform patients of the side effects of Actos. Prior to the drug being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), studies on rats showed that Actos could result in the formation of cancerous tumors. A study on human subjects in 2005 indicated an increased risk of bladder cancer. Takeda chose not to publish the results of these studies and didn’t warn patients of the possibility that they would experience similar side effects.

He now copes with continuing pain and the prospect of cancer treatments and the requisite costs. He claims to have been “permanently and severely injured.” White’s spouse, Carla White, says in the lawsuit filing that she has been deprived of the comfort and services of Lloyd White and claims loss of consortium. Through their attorney, they are suing for an unspecified amount.

Studies show that people who have taken Actos for more than 1 year run a 40% greater risk of bladder cancer

It wasn’t until 2011 that the general public was informed of the chances of side effects from the drug. The American Diabetes Association published news about the risks. By the time this information became known, many patients had been using Actos for an extended period and been exposed to its dangers. Studies revealed that those who had taken the medication for more than 12 months had a 40% increased risk of bladder cancer.

Actos was suspended in European countries in 2011 because of the cancer risk. The FDA issued a safety warning and stated that the use of Actos for a year or longer increased the chance of a bladder cancer diagnosis.

A mass tort is established by the Illinois Supreme Court

With the growing number of complaints against Actos, a mass tort was established by the Illinois Supreme Court. There have been additional coordination of lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana—the location for the multidistrict litigation.

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