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A New Jersey Couple Files a Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Side Effects From Propecia

Propecia-Bottle-138x122Male pattern baldness affects 30 percent of men by the time they’re 30, and 50 percent of men by the time they’re 50. Propecia (finasteride) was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1997 to treat male pattern baldness. However, in studies, the medication has been shown to have side effects such as sexual problems from Propecia, leading to those affected to file lawsuits against manufacturer Merck. Other side effects from the drug have included impotence, testicular pain, and other sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual dysfunction continues after the plaintiff stops taking Propecia

A married couple in New Jersey filed a lawsuit after the plaintiff husband’s sexual dysfunction persisted despite his decision to stop taking the drug. The case filing cites numerous studies linking Propecia to long-term sexual dysfunction. Some clinical studies show up to 39 percent of men who take Propecia experience dysfunction or some other sexual side effects.

This case was filed by a Propecia lawyer with the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn) on August 9, 2012. Judge John Gleeson is overseeing the lawsuit.

Merck is accused of withholding information

Propecia erectile dysfunction can last long after the user stops taking the medication. The New Jersey plaintiff, for example, took the drug from 1999 through 2011, but continues to experience sexual side effects. The plaintiffs accuse Merck of withholding information about side effects from consumers.

In 2008, after Sweden and the United Kingdon required the manufacturer to place a warning about irreversible sexual side effects on the label, the company did not include this information on U.S. labels.

Despite evidence that the side effects of Propecia can last well after cessation of use, not one of Merck’s nine Propecia label changes mentions persistent or permanent sexual dysfunction.

A case evaluation can determine the viability of a lawsuit

Due to increased incidences of persistent sexual side effects, numerous people have requested a case evaluation. A case evaluation can help qualified attorneys determine whether a plaintiff’s grievances warrant the filing of a lawsuit and the pursuit of compensation. Click here to read about Propecia settlement.

During a legal evaluation about Propecia, a lawyer will ask for how long a plaintiff took the medication, what kind of side effects the individual experienced, and how long the side effects lasted.

A legal evaluation is one of the best ways to determine whether or not you have a viable case against Merck for the sexual side effects of the drug.

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