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A New Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Side Effects From Propecia Joins the Federal MDL

A new case has joined other Propecia lawsuits in the federal MDL against the male pattern baldness medication manufactured by Merck and Co. The plaintiff claims that he began taking Propecia at 27 years old to treat his male pattern baldness. As a result of using Propecia, however, the plaintiff claims that he suffers from severe and ongoing sexual side effects, causing him significant physical and emotional pain. In addition, he also alleges that he has suffered from cognitive impairment after taking the drug.

The FDA ordered warning label came too late for the plaintiff

Warnings of possible sexual side effects were included on the product label when it was first released. However, Merck called the incidence of side effects rare, and stated that they would reverse once the medication was stopped. Unfortunately, continued reports of sexual dysfunction indicated the problem was more widespread than the product label suggested. Complaints of ongoing sexual side effects even after the medication was stopped were also reported.

It was not until 2011 that the FDA required Merck to change the Propecia label to warn patients of “persistent or permanent” sexual dysfunction.

Dozens seek compensation for Propecia side effects

The instant lawsuit was filed in District Court for the Eastern District of New York on August 31, 2012. It joins dozens of others seeking compensation for Propecia claims after experiencing injuries related to the drug.

The plaintiff cites liability, fraud, and negligence in his causes of action. The lawyer also included a count for negligent infliction of emotional distress on his complaint, stating he has suffered severe emotional distress that has required medical treatment for depression and anxiety. The plaintiff  is seeking punitive, exemplary, special and compensatory damages in his complaint to exceed $75,000.

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Plaintiff claims sexual dysfunction continues even after stopping the medication

The plaintiff began taking Propecia at just 27 years of age. Prior to that time, he claims to have had no history of sexual dysfunction or cognitive impairment. Soon after beginning the medication, he began to experience side effects, which still linger to this day even without use of the medication. ‘According to the complaint, his  “quality of life has been severely damaged.”

This case is now in the hands of the New York District Court.

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