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A Plaintiff Claims Files Suit After Problems with Vaginal Mesh

On September 10, 2012, a lawsuit filed by vaginal mesh lawyers was removed to the United States District Court, Southern District of West Virginia. In the filing, the plaintiff claims that she was caused injuries requiring surgery to correct. She seeks compensation from the manufacturer of the vaginal mesh device, Johnson & Johnson, along with subsidiaries as co-defendants in the case.

Women who have had vaginal mesh implant problems claim they were unaware of the risks associated with the devices and claim that the companies manufacturing the products didn’t provide adequate warning as to the risks.

Many women have filed lawsuits seeking compensation for their pain, suffering, and costs associated with their injuries.

Women receive vaginal mesh implants to treat incontinence and other problems

Many women have vaginal mesh products implanted due to conditions such as stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). These issues result most commonly from pregnancy and giving birth. Organs sometimes shift due to carrying a child. This puts pressure on the organs and can cause bladder incontinence. The mesh devices are designed to repair the problems and alleviate the symptoms. Significant evidence shows that many of these devices have caused more harm than help.

Women implanted with these devices have complained of problems from the mesh. The products have a high rate of infection and erosion, as well as similar side effects. Women have required revision surgery to repair the device that doesn’t always work because of the nature of the vaginal mesh and that is designed to fuse with the vaginal wall. Sometimes the device is difficult to remove.

The plaintiff’s case is removed from Pennsylvania to the MDL in West Virginia

The plaintiff in this recent case had originally been filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. It was removed to join other surgical mesh lawsuits in the current MDL in West Virginia seeking vaginal mesh settlements.

MDL proceedings are designed to conserve judicial resources, expedite legal processes such as settlement and litigation, and allow one judge to make rulings as to questions of law and streamline the litigation process.

The plaintiff claims she had the device implanted for treatment of a medical condition. Her side effects from the vaginal mesh became so severe that she required surgery.

She claims negligence and product liability.

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