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Yaz and Yasmin Side Effects Settlement Awards May Eventually Exceed $1.2 Billion

Yaz, the Bayer manufactured birth control medication, has been linked to blood clots after using Yaz, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), stroke, and other serious health complications. Lawsuits settlement amounts, to date, total $402.6 million. Bayer admits that this number may eventually exceed $1.2 billion.

On August 16, 2012, Nancy Carlisle adopted the master complaint to join California-based coordinated proceedings against Bayer, et al., McKeeson Corporation, and other defendants involved in the manufacture and distribution of Yaz and Yasmin. Carlisle claims to have suffered personal injuries from the birth control medication.

A new lawsuit joins the California coordinated litigation against Yaz

Carlisle opted to utilize the master form complaint to join the California coordinated litigation, and adopted counts of negligence, breach of implied warranty, negligent misrepresentation, and fraud. She requests compensation for past and future damages, medical expenses, lost earnings and/or earning capacity, economic and special damages, metal and emotional distress, punitive or exemplary damages, legal expenses, and other damages the Court deems proper.

12,325 lawsuits were pending against Bayer by mid-2012

In mid-2012, a Bayer stockholders newsletter stated that 12,325 lawsuits filed by Yaz attorneys were currently pending against the company. As of July 19, 2012, Bayer has reportedly paid out $402.6 million in settlements for 1,877 cases—a huge number, until you read further. By the company’s own admission, the remaining cases may send the total soaring to $1.29 billion. And in fact, this sum could be even larger if future settlement amounts average higher totals than the first 1,877.

Yaz consolidated litigation centralizes and coordinates lawsuits into the state of California

In California, Yaz consolidated litigation centralizes individual lawsuits into the Superior Court of the State of California (Los Angeles). These coordinated proceedings allow for a simpler, more streamlined legal process, reduced costs, and other benefits to the plaintiffs and defense. One such shortcut is the master complaint, a prefabricated form that allows plaintiffs to easily state their cases and adopt common allegations against the named defendants.

Consolidated litigation involves complaints of blood clots after using Yaz which can lead to DVT, Yaz pulmonary embolism, stroke, and other serious risks that can cause permanent injuries or death. A large number of women had reportedly suffered serious and life-threatening side-effects. Despite these risks, Bayer has yet to announce a recall of the birth control drugs.

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