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A Lawsuit Claiming Bladder Cancer Caused by Actos is Filed in Illinois

A new lawsuit against against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for their diabetes 2 medication Actos was filed by Actos attorneys on September 25, 2012, in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. The plaintiff, George Dellapenta of New Jersey, claims that Actos caused his bladder cancer.

The lawsuit alleges in his lawsuit that Takeda withheld the information of increased risk of cancer in order to have the drug approved by the FDA.

The plaintiff claims that he was unaware of the risks of the drug and brings counts of strict liability and negligence. Dellapenta’s wife claims loss of consortium. The plaintiff seeks in excess of $50,000 in damages for his injuries.

Studies alleged to have indicated a risk of cancer from Actos prior to its introduction to the market

Actos was released in the United States in 1999 to treat patients with type 2 diabetes. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, Takeda was aware of the risk of cancer from the medication. In a two-year animal study, rats that were treated with Actos were more likely to be grow cancerous tumors.

In 2005, a study that was intended to examine cardiovascular outcomes and Actos found a higher risk of cancer in those who were taking Actos as opposed to other medications. These studies were not published by the defendants or the researchers.

Similar results were evident in other studies. For example, in 2011, a study was published by the American Diabetes Association that found a consistent connection between Actos users and bladder cancer. In France, a study discovered an increase in the risk of bladder cancer in men who had used the drug for over a year.

A safety announcement was issued by the FDA on June 15, 2011, informing consumers and medical practitioners that using Actos for more than a year could be associated with a higher risk of bladder cancer.

The plaintiff makes claims of pain, suffering, mental and physical pain, economic loss, and future expenses

Dellapenta was prescribed Actos in 2005 and took the medication for maintenance of his type 2 diabetes. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in February of 2012 and claims he has been severely injured and requires ongoing care and treatment.

In addition, he claims that the side effects of Actos caused him pain and suffering; severe mental and physical pain; economic losses and future expenses; and emotional distress.

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