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Stroke Linked to Yaz Blood Clots

Blood clots are one of the side effects that many patients using Yaz or Yasmin birth control may be worried about. Manifesting with symptoms such as shortness of breath, leg pain, and chest pain, blood clots are potentially life threatening because they can cause complications such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and stroke. Studies indicate that women who take drospirenone-based birth control are up to three times more likely to experience blood clots than women who take other forms of oral contraceptives.

Lawsuits filed by Yaz patients

Although Yaz was originally touted as a newer and safer form of oral contraceptive, many patients are finding that this is simply not the case. Many patients have already chosen to file a Yaz lawsuit against drug maker Bayer in the hopes of being compensated for injury-related costs they have had to deal with because of their side effects and injuries. At this point, a total of $142 million will be paid out by Bayer in settlements to hundreds of plaintiffs who have filed suit because of these side effects.

Drospirenone is a different hormone from what is used in most oral contraceptives; studies suggest that birth control based on this hormone is more dangerous than other, similar medications. This may be because drospirenone can create sharp spikes in levels of potassium in the bloodstream, a condition that can be linked to the formation of blood clots. Strokes are the most serious manifestation of these blood clots; symptoms of a stroke include trouble speaking, confusion, weakness in limbs, difficulty in walking, intense headache, shortness of breath, and vision disturbances. Patients who are experiencing any of these symptoms should consult a doctor immediately.

Patients should consult lawyers

Patients who have experienced some of the serious side effects linked to this popular medication should consult a personal injury lawyer if they need financial help. Click here for additional information on blood clots and other serious Yaz-related side effects.

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