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Chantix Aggression Case Added to MDL

Texas plaintiff John May has filed a lawsuit addressing side effects resulting from Chantix use that he claims to have experienced. May claims that he experienced depression and suicide ideation while he was taking the smoking cessation medication. May started taking the medication as he was prescribed it on the 31st of July, 2008. He claims that soon afterwards, he started to experience aggressive thoughts. He is hopeful that compensation can be received through his lawsuit that would help cover financial and emotional costs he has had to deal with as a result of his use of the medication.

Serious emotional side effects

May filed his complaint on the 14th of September, 2012, with the United States’ District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. It is one of a number of lawsuits that have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation case in Alabama, which is helping to streamline the litigation process by combining similar complaints against drug maker Pfizer.

Side effects of the smoking cessation drug Chantix include aggressive behavior, depression, and suicide. More than 1,000 reports of Chantix-related suicide, aggression, mood swings, and anxiety were received by the Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia in May of 2010. In response, the FDA required drug maker Pfizer to place a “black box” warning on Chantix packaging, warning users about the emotional and psychological side effects of the medication.

Because side effects of Chantix are so serious, many patients are seeking compensation for Chantix injuries that they have experienced. These plaintiffs have filed lawsuits with the help of experienced personal injury lawyers against drug maker Pfizer.

Lawsuits filed across the country

Plaintiffs involved in the multidistrict litigation case claim that they have experienced emotional problems, aggressive behavior, and suicide as a result of their use of Chantix. They are seeking compensatory and punitive damages from the drug maker in amounts that exceed $75,000, but settlements could be much more significant if punitive damages are awarded.

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