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Plaintiff Joins Chantix MDL Alleging Suicidal Thoughts and Other Problems

Due to the large number of lawsuits across the U.S. alleging Chantix side effects, a multidistrict litigation (MDL) was formed in Alabama federal court.

The current number of cases in the MDL against the Pfizer, the manufacturer of the smoking cessation drug, is more than 2,500 with more cases expected to join in the months ahead. An MDL is beneficial because the resources are shared among the plaintiffs as they are all making similar allegations against a defendant. It speeds the process and saves time and money for both sides.

FDA orders Pfizer to add warning label to Chantix

The FDA ordered Pfizer to add warning labels to the medication’s packaging in 2009. This was intended to alert doctors and patients of the potential problems other users of the drug have experienced such as suicidal ideation and attempt, depression, and aggressive behavior. It was also requested by the FDA that Pfizer investigate the psychological effects of Chantix through clinical safety trials. The results are not expected to be known before 2017.

Plaintiff experienced numerous problems after use of Chantix

A recent case that was added to the Alabama MDL was filed by plaintiff Carrie McCormick. Chantix was prescribed by her doctor in February of 2008. It is alleged by her Chantix lawyer that following her use of the medication, McCormick suffered from aggressive and violent behavior, generalized anxiety disorder, feelings of panic, dysphoria, obsessive compulsive behavior, grandiosity, agoraphobia, bipolar disorder with acute psychotic episodes, auditory and visual hallucinations, and erratic behavior that required her to be admitted to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Her attorney also states that McCormick’s depression led to her making an attempt at suicide.

First scheduled MDL case settled out of court

The case of the first plaintiff scheduled to go to trial in the MDL was settled out of court. Plaintiff McCormick is seeking damages for breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, loss of consortium, fraudulent misrepresentation, design defect, and negligence. In addition, she seeks punitive damages.

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