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West Virginia Plaintiffs File Zoloft Suits

19 Zoloft-related lawsuits have been remanded to state court by a federal judge. The judge ruled that the cases were not joined fraudulently because they shared a similar series of occurrences with one another. All 19 of the plaintiffs involved in these lawsuits took the popular antidepressant drug Zoloft. They claim that they were unaware of the risks of birth defects that have been associated with the medication when they took it. All of the children born to these mothers have been affected by serious birth defects, ranging from birth defects that affect the heart to craniofacial problems.

Zoloft lawsuits filed

The complaints were originally filed in the Wayne County Circuit Court with the help of a Zoloft attorney. Plaintiffs involved in these lawsuits hail from a number of places throughout the United States, including Ohio, North and South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. Their lawsuits are all similar in that they claim they didn’t know the dangers associated with the antidepressant when they took the medication during pregnancy to help treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, or PTSD.

The lawsuits also claim that drug maker Pfizer did know of the risks associated with the medication, but failed to warn patients about these risks. Plaintiffs assert that the drug maker had already received reports of heart defects and other birth defects from Zoloft before they were prescribed the medication, but did not advise the public about these potential problems. They assert that Zoloft is a defective medication that can be dangerous to human health and that the warning labels provided on Zoloft packaging do not adequately warn patients about all possible side effects.

Lawsuit moved

The defense argued that remanding was not appropriate in these lawsuits, although the plaintiffs pushed for the complaints to be remanded to the circuit court of the state. However, the judge in the United States’ District Court in the Southern District of West Virginia ruled that it would be appropriate to remand the lawsuits. The cases are now awaiting further proceedings in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

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