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Facts About Pradaxa Side Effects and Fatalities

Pradaxa is an anticoagulant, or a blood-thinning medication. As a class of drug known as a direct thrombin inhibitor, Pradaxa works by preventing the formation of blood clots. Patients suffering from atrial fibrillation—also known as irregular heartbeat—may be prescribed Pradaxa to prevent them from having strokes.

Side effects of Pradaxa include internal bleeding. Patients may experience another condition such as inflammation of the lining of the stomach or ulcer. If bleeding in the stomach, intestines, or other portions of the intestinal tract occur, this is known as internal bleeding of the stomach. Symptoms indicating these side effects include vomit or bloody stools. Prompt medical attention is required as these conditions can be life-threatening.

Other side effects might include cerebral hemorrhage. This can occur when an artery in the brain bursts and bleeds. Because Pradaxa is an anticoagulant, the body is prevented from stopping the bleeding via blood clots.

Internal bleeding from Pradaxa can lead to death

Both types of internal bleeding after using Pradaxa can cause death. Coumadin is another blood-thinning medication that has been in use for decades; Pradaxa was meant to be a superior alternative to Coumadin, but unlike Pradaxa, Coumadin has an antidote—Vitamin K—if internal bleeding should occur.

Patients who have internal bleeding from Pradaxa could be in danger of death.

Pradaxa users might also be at risk of a possibly fatal heart attack. A study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic states that Pradaxa can increase the risk of a heart attack by 33 percent in comparison to patients who are taking Coumadin.

Other side effects that could cause death include an allergic reaction to the drug. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include: swelling of the facial region, dizziness, chest pain or tightness, or difficulty breathing. A severe allergic reaction requires prompt medical attention.

The number of complaints regarding Pradaxa eclipsed all other drugs monitored by the FDA

542 deaths were associated with Pradaxa in 2011 alone. Also in 2011, there were 3,781 reports of side effects from the medication reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The number of complaints and fatalities linked to Pradaxa has surpassed all other drugs monitored by the FDA.

Because of the number of side effects and fatalities associated with Pradaxa, many people have chosen to seek an attorney and file Pradaxa litigation to receive compensation.

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