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First Actos Lawsuit to See Trial

Thousands of plaintiffs have become involved in filing an Actos lawsuit after experiencing some of the serious complications that have been linked to the drug. Actos is a medication intended for the treatment of type II diabetes, but patients who take it for an extended eriod of time are at risk for a potentially more serious condition–bladder cancer. Now, the first of these lawsuits will see trial as bellwether litigation begins. The first lawsuit to go to trial will be that of plaintiff Jack Cooper of Mississippi, who filed his lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles. The trial date is scheduled for the 19th of February, 2013, and will be overseen by Judge Kenneth R. Freeman.

Actos cancer lawsuits consolidated

Cooper, like many other plaintiffs involved in Actos-related litigation, claims that he developed bladder cancer after using Actos in order to help manage his type II diabetes. Most plaintiffs claim in their lawsuits that drug maker Takeda did not adequately warn patients about the potential risks associated with Actos use, including the increased risk of cancer that has been associated with the drug.

Many lawsuits filed by patients dealing with side effects resulting from Actos use have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation case, which is a federal procedure that combines numerous cases that deal with the same issues or make the same claims about the entity. Although Cooper’s lawsuit is not part of the MDL, the outcome of his case might be indicative of the outcomes of similar cases, including those that have been consolidated.

Other Actos side effects

There are a number of other complications that have been linked to Actos which could have a serious impact on a patient’s quality of life. The drug may cause or aggravate congastive heart failure, and increases the risk of liver problems, fractures, vision loss, or changes in vision. Patients who have suffered from any of these side effects as a result of their use of Actos may choose to consult Actos lawyers in order to explore their legal options–filing a lawsuit is still possible at this point.

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