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California Couple Joins Zimmer Litigation

Zimmer Hip Implant FailureA couple from California is seeking compensation from Zimmer Holdings, Inc. Zimmer is the manufacturer of the controversial Durom Cup hip replacement device, which has suffered a high rate of “unexplained failure” according to the Zimmer hip lawyer who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the couple. The plaintiffs, who are residents of Contra Costa County, filed their lawsuit in the DePuy multidistrict litigation case taking place in New Jersey District Court on the 19th of November 2012.

Complications related to Zimmer hip

Reports of problems related to Zimmer hip replacement systems have been widespread since the Durom device was launched in 2006. Since then, an estimated 12,000 patients have received the hip replacement system, and the high failure rate caused the device manufacturer to suspend sales of the product in July of 2008. Despite this suspension of sales, Zimmer continues to manufacture and market the Durom cup device, claiming that it is safe and effective when it is used properly.

The Durom Cup uses a metal on metal hip replacement system, which is intended to allow the patient’s bone to bond with the device. Zimmer acknowledged during its recall in 2008 that these devices can be challenging to implant, and noted that “additional surgical technique instructions and training are necessary in the United States, and we strongly recommend that U.S. surgeons stop implanting the Durom Cup until receiving such training.” Metal-on-metal hip replacement systems are controversial because they have been linked to a higher number of complications than other hip replacement systems–complications that can include metal poisoning that can result from the metal components of the devices rubbing against one another and releasing particles of metal into the patient’s bloodstream and surrounding tissue.

Plaintiffs seek compensation for Zimmer injuries

Many patients affected by the Durom Cup hip replacement system have filed lawsuits with the help of an experienced Zimmer hip lawyer. The plaintiffs who recently filed in New Jersey court are seeking compensation for their injuries, which could help cover medical bills and other costs related to their injuries.