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Missouri Plaintiffs Join Chantix MDL After Suicide Attempt

Chantix Scales of JusticeThe Chantix multidistrict litigation (MDL) no. 2092 gained a new case when Missouri residents John and Robin Eddington retained a Chantix lawyer to file a case due to side effects of the anti-smoking medication.

The MDL is currently underway in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. The attorney filed a short form complaint on September 27, 2012. This incorporates references and allegations made in the master long form complaint.

All lawsuits taking part in the MDL allege that the defendant, manufacturer Pfizer, Inc., marketed a defective drug and failed to provide adequate warnings as to the potential side effects. Plaintiffs hope to hold Pfizer liable and seek awards or settlements for their injuries.

Chantix users have experienced anger, hallucinations and thoughts of suicide

Medical researchers believe that Chantix (varenicline) can cause disturbing neurological side effects because of it blocking the chemical—dopamine—that prevents depression as well as other mental health problems. It is the blocking of dopamine that helps to stop the addiction to nicotine. In some patients, the psychological effects can be dangerous. Users of the medication have experienced thoughts of suicide, Chantix attempted suicide, rampages and hallucinations, and paranoia.

There are currently over 2,500 lawsuits that have been centralized in the product liability litigation because of Chantix.

Hundreds of lawsuits filed against Chantix

The Eddingtons’ case doesn’t detail the extenuating circumstances of their case in the short form complaint. Court documents, however, state that John Eddington suffered from agitation and severe depression, had vivid dreams, and he attempted suicide after taking Chantix.

The drug was approved by the FDA in 2006. It has since been connected to a wide range of severe side effects such as suicide ideation, suicide attempts, violent mood swings, depression, and rage. Hundreds of lawsuits against Pfizer have been filed because of these side effects.

FDA mandates a black box warning

Chantix has been under scrutiny for several years. Thousands of patients did as Eddington did and took the medication, subsequently suffering from psychological problems as a result.

Nearly 300 reports of incidents of depression and suicide due to Chantix were reported to the FDA over a single 18 month span. The agency responded in July 2009 by mandating that the manufacturer place a black box warning on the packaging to advise users of the potential side effects that have been reported.