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Yaz DVT Lawsuit Filed in California

Another plaintiff has filed a Yaz DVT lawsuit over the oral contraceptive manufactured and marketed by Bayer Healthcare. The case is now part of the coordinated proceeding being organized in California Superior Court (Central District) for Yaz lawsuits. The complaint was filed on June 10, 2013.

The plaintiff in this Yaz DVT lawsuit alleges that Bayer made and sold a defectively formulated oral contraceptive that is distributed under the names Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella. The plaintiff also alleges Yaz and Yasmin side effects caused her to suffer injuries that included the deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of her right jugular vein. She seeks general, economic, special, punitive, and exemplary damages, to name some, and also seeks injunctive relief, restitution, expenses, lost earnings, interest, fees, and costs.

The complaint names the following defendants:

  • Bayer Corporation
  • Bayer Healthcare LLC
  • Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  • Bayer Schering Pharma AG
  • Berlex Inc.
  • Berlex Laboratories Inc.
  • Schering AG

Yasmin DVT lawsuit just one of 11,000 +

More than 11,000 women have brought lawsuits against Bayer over Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella and all involve an array of claims alleging debilitating side effects from DVT to gallbladder disease and pulmonary embolism. In this complaint, the plaintiff argues that the defendant’s marketing program intentionally misled consumers about the benefits of Yaz, exaggerating those benefits, while also minimizing the drug’s risks.

Between 2007 and early 2013, Canadian medical professionals reported 600 adverse Yaz and Yasmin adverse reactions; of these, 23 ended in death, according to The New York Daily News. For every 10,000 women taking these so-called “new generation” oral contraceptives such as Yaz and Yasmin, three will develop Yaz blood clots, according to Health Canada.

Yaz and Yasmin side effects prove deadly

Yaz is a hormonal combination of ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone and has been associated with 23 deaths in Canada. According to Health Canada—Canada’s drug regulator—the youngest fatality was 14 years old and about half of the women who died were and average of 26 years of age; many of the deaths were attributed to blood clots, which is one of the known side effects of the pills. Some of the women who died had only been taking the controversial birth control pill for weeks.

DVT involves a blood clot forming in a deep vein, typically in the legs, and can often occur with no symptoms. The blood clot, or thrombus, can break away traveling through the bloodstream leading to serious, even deadly, health reactions. Although about half of all DVTs occur with no symptoms, Yaz DVT can cause leg pain, swelling, warmth, and discoloration (red, blue, pale). If the clot travels to the lungs, a pulmonary embolism can result. Warning signs of pulmonary embolism include chest pain or a sense of discomfort in the chest that becomes more intense with coughing or deep breaths, a sudden or unexplained shortness of breath, and coughing up blood. Other symptoms include sweating; feeling anxious, dizzy, or lightheaded; fainting; an elevated pulse rate; and sweating.