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Whitney Taylor

Whitney Taylor is a veteran journalist and regular contributor at Injury Lawyer News. Whitney is particularly interested in the impact of the pharmaceutical products impacting women such as birth control products, transvaginal mesh products, and others.

Abilify Settlement Totals $19.5 Million

After allegations by multiple states that Bristol-Myers Squibb engaged in deceptive marketing practices regarding their drug Abilify, the company has agreed to settle claims to a total of $19.5 million. Forty-one states and the District of Columbia have brought charges against the pharmaceutical giant, stating... Read More

Growing Abilify Litigation Now Centralized

court house
As more lawsuits continue to be filed against manufacturers of the antipsychotic drug Abilify, the growing litigation has now been centralized into multidistrict litigation. The decision was made to streamline early trial proceedings as more plaintiffs file complaints claiming the drug has led to uncontrollable... Read More

Fifth Risperdal Case Ends in Settlement before Trial

Risperdal Lawsuit
The most recent Risperdal lawsuit slated to go before a jury ended in a settlement before the trial even began. Risperdal manufacturer Johnson & Johnson agreed to settle the case for an undisclosed amount, possibly avoiding another massive judgement that has characterized recent Risperdal trials. The latest case, which was... Read More