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Number of Invokana Lawsuits Tops 1,000

In early January, the number of Invokana claims pending in the Federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) rose higher than 1,000. The claims allege that Invokana caused patients prescribed it for treatment of diabetes to develop diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure and other injuries, and to undergo amputations.... Read More

Plaintiff Awarded $28 Million Verdict in Xarelto Trial

Earlier this month, a Philadelphia jury ordered drug makers Johnson & Johnson and Bayer to pay $28 million to an Indiana plaintiff in the state’s first Xarelto trial. Jurors concluded that the pharmaceutical giants, which developed the blood thinning medication jointly, failed to adequately warn consumers... Read More

Study Finds New Hip Replacements Still Prone to Failure

Zimmer Durom Cup Lawsuit
Early hip implant failure has plagued numerous manufacturers, leading to mass litigation against companies like DePuy, Stryker Corporation, Zimmer and Wright Medical. While advancements in artificial prosthetics have promised better mobility and fewer risks of complications, emerging research suggests that newer hip replacement designs are... Read More

Xarelto Bleeding Trial Opens in Philadelphia

A bellwether trial over the risk of bleeding injury with Xarelto (rivaroxoaban) opened in Philadelphia in early November. The trial will hear a case filed by Lynn Hartman and her spouse, alleging that Xarelto’s side effects cause Ms. Hartman to experience severe internal bleeding. Xarelto... Read More