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Illinois Man Joins New York Propecia MDL

An Illinois man joined Propecia litigation on November 6, 2012, filing a lawsuit in the United States' District Court for the Eastern District of New York. The plaintiff claims that he suffered injury after taking the medication in order to treat his male pattern hair... Read More

Propecia MDL Adds New Side Effects Lawsuit

The Propecia MDL gained a new lawsuit on November 6, 2012. As in other Propecia lawsuits, the plaintiff in this case alleges that the hair loss drug caused him to suffer unpleasant side effects which have persisted even after he stopped using Propecia, and that... Read More

New Case Joins Propecia MDL

Many men across the country are seeking judgments or settlements from manufacturer Merck due to side effects from their male pattern baldness medication Propecia and have chosen to file a Propecia lawsuit. These men claim to have suffered physical, emotional, and financial harm because of... Read More

Plaintiff Claims Propecia Sexual Dysfunction

A new plaintiff has filed suit against Propecia's drug maker Merck & Co. The plaintiff filed his lawsuit in the ongoing multidistrict litigation case which is proceeding in the Eastern District of New York, in Brooklyn. This multidistrict litigation case combines a large number of... Read More

Propecia Sexual Side Effects Take a Toll

Propecia is a popularly used medication that can help prevent and alleviate the effects of male pattern baldness. However, it can also cause serious sexual side effects in men that may last much longer than the medication was actually taken. A number of men have... Read More